About Thea Bryant 

Thea specializes in healthy home environments and is the contributor to this project with much of the 'earth' aspects and organizing and teaching workshops, from wall construction to plaster and the earth floor. She makes all of the interior earth plasters and traditional milk paints. She has been remodeling, constructing, and designing since her first cottage while she was in college. Her natural building interests began about 12 years ago as she began attending natural workshops and learning more about clay adobes and straw bale..

She has does massive remodels on other homes, including 2 that were 90 yrs old in Athens, GA and Hyde Park in Austin. She also consults, general contracts and assisted many other projects in traditional post and beam which helped her recognize the advantages that earthen structures had when she was first introduced to the idea in the 90's.
Natural Building and cooperative development are her passions. Her former certifications in Holistic Lifestyle Practitioning,Holistic Life Coach, Fitness Chef, Personal Fitness Trainer, Holistic Stress Management Counselor, Pilates,Yoga Instructor and Kung Fu Fitness all supported this lifestyle choice.

Healthy living and environmental responsibilty has is the focus of her life. Now that she is able to create earth-friendly homes and TEACH others how to do the same is a thrill for her. 
Her passion with building naturally brought all of her interests together as the necessary foundation to healthy living.

Natural Neighborhoods

About the owner, Bill Stone 
Bill has an adventurous building spirit. He’s done everything from fine woodwork to monolithic domes to designing a system of bladder water collection under a structure in St. John’s  to building the Patch Adams Gesundheit Clinic in West Virginia, which has wood shingled Byzantine onion domes and is the only 5 story wood structure in the country. 
He is a certified monolithic concrete builder but has never tried one. After seeing the earth domes he was attracted to their simplicity, ecofriendliness and their similarity to the African domes he had admired for some time. 
He works mainly in the Austin area on craftsman wood frame homes, especially in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Austin.
He was especially drawn to Thea for her knowledge in this dynamic earthen dome style construction.
Together they built one of the most complex and eccentric homes in the country, much less Austin, proving that Natural Building has a place in modern neighborhoods for affordability and efficiency.