What's Earthbag Building?

Pictures of  a Tiny Hybrid Earthen Solar Cottage  Workshop March 23-24 2013
Light clay straw, earthbag, cob, wattle and daub on timber frame stilts

Workshops and Announcements 

Earthbag House and Natural Builders of Austin are announcing the debut of the newest endeavor to make natural building affordable; NNDC, Natural Neighborhood Development Coalition and Owner Builder School.

You're invited to come learn "How to Fund Your First Home Affordably" at:

NNDC's first meeting
 "How to Fund Your First Home Affordably" with guests
 the City of Austin, NHCD
Neighborhood Housing and Community Development
  next Tues. Nov 4th, FREE!

"Owning a home is closer than you think. Come learn about 
finance programs to assist the first time homebuyer ....even if you've been struggling to get to home ownership."​

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What: Info Session and Q&A for First Time Homebuyer Resources
When: November 4th, 7:00-8:00 PM
Where: 1000 E 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702, 4th Floor Room 400A
Cost: Free

These are by other Tiny Home builders that have inspired our new Tiny Earthen Home. Imagine these Earthen style with reclaimed wood! A beautiful, eco-friendly and fast way to get started!

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