2015 Summer Intensive 
Bag Blitz!

  ​ Weekends or all 9 Days
 Earthbag, Permaculture, Natural Building

Dates and Time: ​June 27 9am -July 5, 2015 4pm
Location: Location will be at Earth Native Wilderness School: 137 Woodview Lane, Bastrop, TX
21 miles (30 min) from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

(Question? email austinearthbag@gmail.com with "Bag Blitz" in the subject line).
at the

 Bastrop, Texas 

2 Natural Homes side by side!
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You'll be building and learning:
  • Earthbag round house with reciprocating roof
  • Wonderful light-clay-straw, adobe brick and wattle and daub - traditional timberframe infill options 
  • How to create an amazing inexpensive yet ultra durable Earthen floor
  • How to make lightweight European clay-board for beautiful interior walls or Tiny Houses
  • Install plumbing and electricity 
  • Rubble trench foundations 
  • Permaculture integration 
  • Earthen pozzolan plastering - Moroccan, Japanese and Central American traditions
  • Designing for efficiency with thermal mass and insulated walls
  • How to find, harvest and use natural, local clays
  • ​When to use salvaged materials and not
  • more 

All 9 days   - $810 : For the person serious about building their own home or starting a professional Natural building career. This intensive will help you design an appropriate Natural home maximizing materials, time and budget helping you avoid costly mistakes with inefficient designs and techniques.
  Bring a friend,  2nd person  $760
    DEPOSIT $200

Just the 2 Weekends, 5 days - $450. (Sat and Sun + next Fri. Sat. and Sun): Plan on getting just as dirty and covering the extreme basics of building your own little earthen home.
  Bring a friend, 2nd person $425 
    DEPOSIT $200/person

Limited camping available BE SURE TO REQUEST
$10/night per adult guest

Families with Children: 
Families are encouraged to bring their children.  We do not provide day care   but we do encourage kids to interact and help if they wish. We understand that parents will need to flow in and out to meet the needs of their kids. Kids generally find playing and sculpting in the clay and being out in nature fun. Please send an email if you'd like to bring your kids so that we can do everything possible to help your family enjoy the week. 

Cost for Children paid on arrival, must preregister:
0- 3 years old free. Please supply their food needs.
4 – 12 years old are $25 per day 
13 – 17 years old are half adult tuition 
  • 9 days =$405
  • Both Weekends (5 days) = $225

This workshop will have no more than 10 students per teacher. We tend to fill up, so register early to reserve your spot.
Some work-trade opportunities; email austinearthbag@gmail.com with "Bag Blitz work-trade" in subject line

Class Schedule:
Sat and Sun
Fill and spread washed gravel and rubble in foundation trench and floor
Mortar in Stem wall 1'6" high above ground level
Construct varieties of Natural Building, strawbale, earthen, light-clay-straw, European modular clay board

Mon. and Tues
Permaculture basics
Sourcing clay rich soil
Construct adobe blocks, light-clay-straw and strawbale modular panels 
Tour of Earthbag in Austin
Design charrette; specifics for max efficiency  of thermal mass vs. insulated walls

Fill earthbag courses to construct wall
Prep for, make and apply scratch coat earthen plaster
Prepare and begin adobe floor
Install door and window bucks and sills
Install electrical conduit and water lines
Install deadmen for shelves, windows, roof joists, etc
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​ Earth Native Wilderness School Directions:

Gallery of past workshops
Light clay straw, earthbag, cob, wattle and daub on timber frame stilts

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