Natural Neighborhoods

Kids design and build a Nordic Turf House this year!
Then plant, harvest, cook and EAT together!

Homesteaders dig their hands into design, engineering and building a permaculture cottage complete with rain water collection and garden! Then make it all come together right to the kitchen table, getting exposed to ultra sustainable new experiences and delicious foods that they enjoy!! 

Building a Nordic Turf  Cottage and....
  • Create a rain water catchment for their garden
  • Woodworking with a master woodworker
  • Planting, harvesting and creating their own feast everyday
  • Building bee hives!

2017 Kids Homestead Camp!!
(5-11 yrs old)
NOTE ABOUT THIS YEARS NEW LOCATION: We outgrew our place last year so this year we are moving the camp to a fellow Natural builders residence just a mile away. Many Natural Building projects have launched from there and this is where Kat runs her Community Mud Preschool during the year. So having all of our tools, concepts and preparations right at our fingertips is really freeing us up for an even better homestead experience where we have more farming and building opportunities. We are big fans of the Austin Village Academy's mission and are currently looking at properties to invite even more partnership to expand the Natural Neighborhood Development Coalition, our non-profit owner-builder school.

This years Homesteaders get to build a real Nordic earthen / turf playhouse, a rain water collection and a real bee hive. Your farmers will be planting, harvesting and preparing a scrumptious feast to enjoy all together like real homesteaders! All about sustainability, getting dirty, what you get when you work and plan together, and of course....playing!

Camp Details:
Monday - Friday, 9 - 3pm 
June 12-16  or June 19-23
First Child  $275/week    Sibling $245
This is limited space, first come - first served

Kids will spend their days:
  • Playing village 
  • Making forts
  • Helping their fellow 'villagers' build an earthen and turf playhouse
  • Making a rain collector
  • Build a beehive with a real bee keeper
  • Exciting Field Trip Day to Pioneer Farms
  • Planting, harvesting and preparing their own village feast everyday
  • Learning knife and chopping skills for cooking 
  • Making real wooden objects under the guidance of a real woodworking teacher
  • Learning to be a handy little soul building things for themself!
  • Practicing life skills and cooperation
  • Having fun!

2016 CAMP 

Get down and dirty in working on a Kitchen Garden
Plant seedlings
Harvest edibles 
Hoe the garden
Learn about berms, swales, pollinators
Make mulch

And finally….Let’s Eat!
Prepare bean and cheese papusas from scratch, 'vegan' jack fruit BBQ, and kimchi, plus lots more! 
Learn kitchen safety
Make healthy rainbow salads
Try new fruits and vegetables
Make healthy kid-foods from around the world
Roast seasonal vegetables 
Learn to make a healthy weekend breakfast for the whole family
Embark on new, adventurous philosophy about food
Make and try some foods from around the world like 'damper' from Australia
• Have an exotic "Island Smoothie Parfait Day" with lots of exotic fruits

Hard work can be FUN!!

During the week students will:
Build a Nordic Turf playhouse with grass roof and earthen walls!
Starting seedlings
Lear what edible plants look and taste like from the garden
Harvest and prepare edibles farm-to-table!
Learn to prepare healthy snacks themselves
Learn how to clean up after themselves  
Understand basics of good handwashing 
Learn basic knife skills one-on-one with adult supervision. Yes! You’ll be surprised and proud. 
Cook together 
Eat what they made at a table with real plates, cups and glasses 
Be empowered to prep salads and dressing for their families

... learn the importance of cleaning up…. for health and the people who follow you!

We all live downstream!
We’ll also learn about the importance of cause and effect in Austin’s water cycle and the importance of not polluting our water table and keeping our aquifers clean. Our goal is to understand biodiversity; what it means, why it’s important, and how can we go about achieving it in our area, touching on subjects such as; the web of life, habitats and homes, ecosystems, vertebrates, invertebrates, food chains and webs and vertical layers of habitats from mushrooms to bees.

We aim to create pleasurable food education and great life time skills that form positive food and lifestyle habits through fun, hands-on learning.

We want kids to discover ideas and concepts first-hand, through real-life experience. Have fun with a multidisciplinary approach to designing with nature. Learn life skills and concepts they can keep with them to have healthy lifestyles into the future.

Sustainable Edible Education - Yeah!!

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Homestead Camp Is Now Full.

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or for information about how to start a Homestead in your neighborhood. 

Homestead Camp Is Now Full.
Scroll down to add your child to the waitlist or for information about how to start a Homestead in your neighborhood.