Pictures Passive Solar Heat and Cooled Hybrid Earthen Cottage Workshop March 23- 24 2013 
4 different wall systems on timber frame stilts: 
Hyper Wattle- Light Clay Straw 
Hyper Adobe  
Cob / Cob brick

Earth, Timber, Straw, Lime, Pallets, Permaculture
Natural Building Contracting and Workshops

The Light Clay Straw Cottage walls are nearly finished The roof was on 2 weeks ago and lime scratch coat is starting this week! We'll be keeping it misted for it to cure ever so slowly and get nice and hard. Next we'll be getting back in contact with the Stucco Italiano about the Tadelakt and Marmorino!
(written - Sept 3,'2013)
Bowman has brout some beautiful yellow clay that he harvested from a riverbed in Utopia and we've made it into an awesome interior plaster on the treehouse. Sethand Jason sculpted a 2 ft long Endangered Barton Springs Blind Salamander into the wall.
Soon we'll get some natural pigments to add to the plaster to bring it to life!
(written Oct 14t)h

What we're working on...

Natural Neighborhood Development Coalition - read below  

Tiny Earthen House that was begun in Dec workshop​ to be on display at Earthday April 26th!! 

Grey Water - Installation at an existing Austin residential recycled train depot home Permits are being pulled now  TBA

Getting Started Phase II - Earthbag Round House w/onsite Soil - Dig your rainwater pool and Build Earthbag Round House from onsite soil on a real home in New Braunfels.
Date change to July - Ongoing workshops from every stage

We were in Tribeza magazine in October and filmed for the TV series George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 2 weeks ago. We'll tell you when it airs.

Workshops and buying land together in the coalition:
  •   Natural Neighborhood Developer Coalition
  •  New Grey Water Installation  - To be held in Dec TBA
  • New construction on a 20 ft Earthbag Round House in New Braunfels - Workshops from July - Aug TBA
The fall workshops were focused on building a Tiny Earthen Home to teach basics fast and have a a cozy little cottage more quickly. This is a great way to start Phase I of your project which could either be a studio or an actual comfy place to live in while you build your bigger Earthbag house. 

Natural Neighborhood Developers Coalition
Adding to the excitement there's been a ton of energy into the forming of The Natural Neighborhood Developers Coalition (NNDC) for buying land together and subdividing to make our own Natural Neighborhood Associations. This project collaborates Natural Builders and future homeowners in Central Texas to have centralized whole natural neighborhoods, creating more work for the local Natural Builders and letting homeowners have better accessibility to these professional builders to or mentor them on their DIy projects. You'll be able to contribute ideas and formulate groups. So the purpose is to be able to go in together to get a better price for land, subdivide it and then collaborate building projects with other Natural Builders and each other. Group buying power and collaborative building power of Natural Builders and eco-minded DIYers!
Putting the homeowners in charge of their own neighborhood association rules and making it easier for local Natural Builder mentors and Diy Homeowners to access each other helps to make the building process more economical and smoother.
Building Natural Built Homes in small neighborhood clusters is a missing link to helping the wisdom of Naturally Built Homes catch on. Not to mention more employment in that field and overall healthier homes An efficient way for us to reach our dreams of healthy sustainable homes.
The web link for The Natural Neighborhood Dev.  will be ready soon. I'll keep you updated. For those who can't wait, email me and put NNDC in the subject line.