Rows of barbed wire are laid down between the tubes. The barbs puncture into the bag and earth further adding to the incredible stability of the structure and providing the lateral tensile strength.
Long Tubes of Earth filled bags are laid over wooden box window forms Bill. These wooden frames are designed to be able to pull out after the tubes are dry. In this way the frames are temporary and reusable!!
Almost finished!
You can see that the wooden window buck forms have been removed and the earth tubes are hardened. 
Almost Finished!!
DECEMBER 2010 pictures

Durable frames are a critical part of the Earthbag construction. Plus they are reusable - keeping in line with the eco-conscious goal of earth building.
Earthbag House in Austin, TX

The earthbag door and window forms, called bucks, are ready. 

Rain water harvesting to make a bog filtered pool! Nice and clean. Refreshing to cool off in and beautiful to enjoy!

Natural Neighborhoods

Earthen plasters locally harvested.
Handmade milk paint tops off the interior domes.