What's Earthbag Building?

Tiny Earthen House and Rocket Mass Stove Workshop
May 17th and 18th 9 - 4pm  register now
Tuition $175

Build a Tiny Earthen Home. Learn how to make European Clay Board for a faster cozy little earthen cottage.
Next we will sculpt Flemming Abrahamsson's classicly small Rocket Stove which you can move in and out of your Tiny House for the seasons. This little house will feature: 
a rain water fed kitchenette
  • sleeping loft 
  • earthen and insulated walls
  • passive solar features
A great studio or an actual comfy place to live in while you build your bigger Earthbag house. 
Hands on learning the intricacies of:

-Sculpting /molding clay board into pallet frames 
-Earthen and Lime/pozzolan plaster
-Learn to dry fit pallet frames
-Solar and passive design
-Discuss and design  a rubble trench foundation

Earthbag Round House Workshop TBA
Dig your rainwater pool and Build Earthbag Round House from onsite soil on a real home in New Braunfels. Starting July Date TBA - Ongoing workshops from every stage

NNDC -  Natural Neighborhood Development Coalition
We're making great progress in our plans for the Natural Neighborhood and Building School.

​At this time we are actively seeking board members and a future administrative staff to establish accreditation.
This accreditation will catapult Natural Building in Austin to new levels with funding and support. We will soon be having the main announcement potluck and Master Planning party. Keep a look out for the 'evite'!

We were in Tribeza magazine in October and filmed for the TV series George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. We'll tell you when it airs.

in Austin
-Integrating basic Permaculture features
-The Tiny Rocket Stove
-Permitting and design legalities
-Making the perfect cob/adobe mix
-Filling Earthbags